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How to invite the bell

At the end of every yoga class, we invite the sound of the bell. As we lie down in Savasana (corpse pose) we practice stillness, the hardest of all poses. Our breath becomes the focus to bring us back to the present moment. Over and over we smile to the wandering mind, but gentlely and persistently return to sensation of our breath.  Then at the end of this pose and the end of our practice, the bell is invited with the intent of

I listen, I listen!
May the sound of the bell call me back
To my true home.

This video explains this practice so beautifully. Please enjoy:

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the Nine Obstacles

Recently in class we have come across the sutra “The 5th obstacle is laziness.” Some students have been asking what & how many obstacles are there?  There are nine:

Mistaken view of the world left uncorrected
Failing to reach specific levels
Not being firmly established in effort

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Readings from the Mat

A brand new Book Club Group is starting at the Yoga Path, to be held on Tuesday Nights 7:30 starting January 24 through February 7  You do not have to be a current student of the Path or practicing yoga. You just need to read a book. The book we be studying is Healing: A Woman’s Journey from Doctor to Nun by Sister Dang Nghiem, a Vietnamese Buddhist nun.

“This extraordinary story takes the reader from Saigon, to the California coast, to a monastery in the southwest France. Huong Huynh was born to a Vietnamese mother and a U.S. soldier in the midst of war. She dedicated her life to healing and transforming the suffering of other people, first as a medical doctor and then as a nun. Ordained by Zen Master Thich Chat Hanh, who gave her the name —Dang Nghiem—(adornment with nondiscrimination), she finally experienced her own healing. With humor, insight, and an irrepressible sense of joy, Sister Dang Nghiem’s story offers clarity and guidance for anyone who has dealt with suffering and loss.

About the Author

Sister Dang Nghiem was born in central Vietnam in 1968 during the Tet Offensive. Her mother was Vietnamese; her father was a U.S. soldier. Raised in Vietnam by her grandmother, she came to the United States in 1985, earned two college degrees, graduated from a prestigious medical school, and began working as a doctor. As a nun, she has integrated Western and Eastern medical traditions and has learned the healing power of mindful awareness and nondiscrimination.”  Parallax Press

We will share for three nights to learn about the transformative teaching of this story.

Cost is $30 which includes the book. To register email or call 402-905-2295. Space is limited so reserve your place. Share this flyer with a friend.

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